Why Do Blondes Wear Hoop Earrings: A Look at the Blonde Stereotype

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There are many stereotypes that are attached to groups of people. These stereotypes are usually false and sometimes, derogatory. One such stereotype is the blonde stereotype. Supposedly, throughout history blond hair on women is considered both attractive and desirable. In addition, blond women are often perceived as using very little of their intelligence. In other words, it is believed that blondes rely on their looks rather than their brains. This is probably the reason behind the dumb blonde stereotype. Moreover, blondes are sometimes both the subject and the target of jokes. In fact, there are many blond jokes such as, why do blondes wear hoop earrings?

Blonde Large Hoop Earrings

Why do blondes wear hoop earrings? It is possible that they wear hoop earrings so that they can hula hoop between meals. However, this is a derogatory joke that will not sit well with many blondes. In fact, many blondes have tried to change our minds about blondes. However, before this stereotype is debunked, let’s discuss the origins of the dumb blonde.

Why Do Blondes Wear Hoop Earrings

It has been suggested that the concept of the ‘dumb blonde’ may come from the idea amongst the ancient Romans and Greeks that Northern Europeans were barbarians and therefore, they were less advanced than Southern Europeans . Another interesting idea is that the Scandinavian blonde is often connected with both romantic nationalism and the stereotype of the blonde farm girl or dairy maid. In addition, blond hair has been considered attractive and sexy for a long time. This perception has been exploited in culture and advertising. Moreover, the notion of the “dumb blond” has been a topic of academic research reported in scholarly articles and university symposia. They tend to confirm that many people hold true to the perception that light-haired women are less intelligent than dark-haired women. Did you know that the dumb blonde stereotype and the associated cognitive bias may have some negative consequences and it can also damage a blond person’s career prospects?

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Sterling Silver Biker Skull Rings

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For decades men and women of all ages have indulged in the sheer satisfaction of owning and showing off jewelry. Dating back centuries, wearing jewelry has been a great way for individuals to show off their fashionable side, while boosting their self esteem as well.

Silver Biker Red CZ Skull Ring

Many different people from various backgrounds and cultures choose to wear jewelry. For some, it is an expression of themselves, for others it is just an accessory to one’s wardrobe. Nevertheless, jewelry continues to be an increasingly popular thing amongst a variety of people.

Among the most popular forms of jewelry today are biker skull rings. Biker skull rings have been worn by bikers for decades and continues to be popular amongst those motorcycling individuals. Of course, bikers may wear various types of jewelry from chains to watches, but what biker in his or her right mind would be caught without a biker skull ring?

Sterling Silver Mens Skull Ring

Biker skull rings come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. They can be made out of metal, silver, gold, and platinum. Many of them come incrusted with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and various types of stones to enhance the look of each ring.

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Pandora Rings – As Much Quality as Their Bracelets

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Pandora is a jewelry brand all about looking contemporary, chic, and stylish.  If you are familiar with Pandora bracelets, and the high-quality beads people outfit them with, you will be pleased to learn about Pandora rings.  Countless styles are available from this brand so you can choose the perfect design for you.

Pandora Jewelry Rings

Choose from sterling silver or 14K gold.  These precious metals can be combined in a single ring for a one-of-a-kind look or have additions like precious stones and enamel to make them stand out from other pieces of jewelry you own.  Pair your Pandora ring with a Pandora charm bracelet or necklace to accessorize any outfit.

Pandora Rings - Liquid Silver Collection

Pandora rings are ideal whether you are adding a new accessory to your wardrobe or seeking the perfect birthday gift for your mother or grandmother.  There is an undeniable charm surrounding Pandora jewelry that you will want a part of if you have find taste in vintage yet contemporary jewelry.  Most women have an innate love of jewelry, and when you find your favorite piece, you want it to last.  That is why so many women choose the Pandora brand—with high quality materials and handmade workmanship, your favorite piece of jewelry can last a lifetime.  This cannot be said of cheap jewelry that tarnishes or is made with stones that come loose over time.

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Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry – Great Gifts

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Celtic jewelry is growing in popularity throughout the United States.  The simple elegance and style that you find in this type of jewelry draws many to it.  Finding sterling silver Celtic jewelry is not a difficult thing to do. However, choosing from the many options is a task all on its own.  You can choose from a large variety of styles and designs making it easy to find something for everyone.  There are claddagh pendants, necklaces, bracelet and rings.  The limits are endless and you will surely find exactly what you are looking for when shopping for someone special.

Celtic Claddagh Cross Pendant

For individuals wanting to save money on sterling silver Celtic jewelry they may want to consider jumping on the internet.  There are a number of excellent retailers that can be located on the internet offering shipping around the world.  In addition, deals can be found on many of the auction sites worldwide.  These offer excellent products at great prices.

Claddagh Celtic Jewelry

There are some considerations when making a purchase online of any kind and jewelry is no different.  Make sure that you understand the terms of the purchase.  Knowing what you are buying and for what amount is very important.  Be sure that you are clear on the item and get the information in writing.

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Inexpensive Patron Saint Medals – A Godparent’s Gift to a Godchild

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In history, the godparent was responsible for assisting in the religious upbringing of a child. In traditional Christianity, the godparent was tasked with sponsoring the child’s religious education. As the years went by the meaning has expanded, contracted, and changed until it lost its religious connotations and has now come to describe a person who takes an interest in the general personal development of the child. In Catholicism, however, being a godparent is still a major responsibility and one that needs to be attended to with the same faith and devotion shown in your other spiritual duties. You can start by buying your godchild inexpensive patron saint medals.

Inexpensive Patron Saint Medals

As you well know, patron saints are advocates and intercessors that intervene before God on behalf of the believer. Your godchild will be facing many challenges as they navigate through life and could probably use as much help as they can get trying to handle it all. There are a number of inexpensive patron saint medals that you could buy your godchild that will bring them comfort when they really need. Some recommendations include the patron saints of children Saint Nicholas of Myra, Saint Raymond Nonnatus, or Saint Nicholas of Telentino.

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