Oblong Face-Friendly Jewelry Styles

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When you have an oblong-shaped face, then that is going to have an impact on the type of jewelry that you should buy. Your face type is going to affect how the jewelry looks on you, especially when it comes to earrings and necklaces. It is vitally important for you to consider how to choose jewelry styles for the oblong shaped face so that you do not end up with an unflattering piece of jewelry. There are definitely some considerations for you to make when it comes to buying jewelry so that you only end up with pieces of jewelry that look beautiful on you and accentuate your appearance rather than detracting from it.

Jewelry Styles for the Oblong Shaped Face

If you enter a jewelry store and ask for help on how to choose jewelry styles for the oblong shaped face, they will be able to give you some advice. One of the best things that you can do is simply to try on different jewelry styles to see what actually suits your face. Read More »

Gothic Jewelry for Men – Stylish Gift Options

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Jewelry for men may seem limited at times to boring cufflinks or basic wedding bands. However, fashion is allowed to be a bit more experimental when you look outside of the mainstream, and explore alternatives such as the Gothic subculture. This fashion trend includes everything that is dark, sinister, macabre, or antique. Gothic jewelry for men can include a wide range of different types of styles of jewelry. To choose the best gift for the man in your life, or simply accentuate your own style with the right piece of jewelry, it can help to first take a look at the different options that are out there.

Gothic Jewelry for Men

To begin with, you will want to think about the different styles of Gothic jewelry for men. Belt buckles, bracelets, and studded collars are all pieces of jewelry that are more masculine, and that would fit into a Gothic wardrobe. Read More »

Wholesale Gothic Jewelry – Where to Purchase Items in Bulk

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To receive the best discounts on wholesale Gothic jewelry, it can help to buy one certain item in bulk. If you are more interested in bracelets, for example, you could find one vendor that specializes in studded bracelets or other items along these lines. There may be a separate vendor that is more suitable for your Gothic necklace needs. By using specialty retail or wholesale outlets, you might end up with the best deals on these particular items. However, in some cases it can make more sense to use a larger jewelry retailer, who is able to provide several different items at the same time.

Wholesale Gothic Jewelry

By purchasing all of your wholesale Gothic jewelry from the same vendor, you might then receive a higher discount, because you will be purchasing more overall. This in turn leads to greater savings. However, before you manage to choose a vendor to make your purchase from, you should first examine their wares closely to be sure that they have everything that you need. Read More »

Celtic Crosses

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Celtic crosses have origins dating back centuries. The ancient Druids are one of the first groups in connection with a Celtic cross. Their way of life has essentially vanished and is a mystery, so the original intent of the Celtic cross has vanished too. From what can be deduced of the past, this symbol is a direct tie to their faith and spirituality, much like Christians covet their modern day version of the Christian cross. The Celts and the Druids believed a lot in mythology and tied many things in their life to natural elements, so the Celtic cross may have been a reflection of those beliefs.

Silver Eternal Celtic Cross

From what can be derived of remains of their existence and some of the ways of life they practiced, it is believed that the meaning of the Celtic cross is directly tied to how they felt about life. In its origins, the Celtic cross means human desire to know the meaning of life; each of the four points of the Celtic cross is indicative of one of the four ways to ascension—self, nature, wisdom and God or Goddess as tied to their religion. The Celts believed there was a meaning of life, and these four principles composed it. Read More »

Sterling Silver Stretch Toe Rings

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Stretch toe rings are a newer version of toe ring meant to answer the discomfort caused by toe rings made of metal, that do not always fit properly. The problem with toe rings made of sterling silver or of gold is that they all too often are too large or too small to fit properly. This can mean several things—that a toe ring too large easily falls off and gets lost, one too small can rub toes and cause discomfort, and one that is adjustable can be uncomfortable to wear depending on its closure. Stretch toe rings are a solution to these issues with prior toe rings.

Silver Stretch Toe Rings

Most stretch toe rings are made of a thin material that is invisible once slipped on the foot. This plastic/nylon combination works well as it is stretchy and conforms comfortably to the toe of the wearer and does not have any of the discomforts that adjustable metal toe rings offer. Some stretch toe rings are designed in such a way that the main part of the ring is all that shoes, thus showing floating charms or gemstones on the toe while the body of the ring is invisible. It provides a different look to the toe ring that metals cannot offer. There are even styles where the entire circle of the toe ring is gemstones, crystals, or beads and the stretchy material is not visible at all.

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Zodiac Mythology Jewelry

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Right from the ancient times man has been fascinated by stars and various planets in the solar system. Zodiac charms have been a fascination amongst people and remain one of the subjects that are liked by many jewelry enthusiasts all over the world. The charms with zodiac designs are the most sought after jewelry items. Even if you are wearing a bracelet or any other jewelry with zodiac designs you at the same time also get to contemplate a lot about the astrological science behind your adornment! Life’s intimate circle via the traces of the sun all through the year can be well understood by signs of the zodiac.

Zodiac Mythology Jewelry

Fascination for zodiac designs in jewelry items are being best indicated or represented as charms and trinkets. The term zodiac means the representation of a particular area in the sky which is defined by a particular time or date as per the calendar. Every section in the sky is represented by zodiac names of various kinds. An elliptical shaped route is formed by various indicators on the zodiac charts. This particular route is divided into sections totaling to twelve in number. As symbols these sections are well depicted on different kinds of objects, jewelry pieces and popularly as charms.

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Gemini Jewelry Gifts

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Gemini jewelry that is made by hand is considered to be not only unique but special as well. It has been due to the attention given by the artisans and the jewelry designers that different combinations in color and designs in every jewelry piece with Gemini zodiac sign designs are accessible, becoming unique and one of a kind. Materials like pieces of glass, different sized beads, crystals etc can be used besides metal for creating jewelry pieces that are handmade in Gemini zodiac sign designs.

Sterling Silver Gemini Jewelry

Jewelry made by hand is always expensive than machine made jewelry items as a lot of care and time is spent in designing them. Precious wires in silver and gold are blended with each other besides valuable stones being embedded in some of the jewelry pieces. A lot of women prefer to wear customized jewelry in Gemini zodiac sign designs and this is where handmade pieces prove to be a much sought after choice. While making them a lot of thought and purpose is given to the style and value of the jewelry.

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Sterling Silver Anklets

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Sterling silver anklets are a dazzling way to draw attention to legs. An affordable addition to any jewelry collection, sterling silver anklets come in a variety of styles and at affordable prices. Many department stores, boutiques, and jewelry stores carry sterling silver jewelry, with sterling silver anklets as a part of their offerings. Some shopping malls contain kiosks selling sterling silver jewelry. Additionally, shopping for sterling silver jewelry on the internet provides a huge selection of retailers and styles to choose from, at very decent pricing.

Sterling Silver Anklets

Sterling silver anklets are a trend in modern jewelry. Originating over the last few decades, this trend in jewelry is rather affordable when compared to its gold-enamored counterparts. The selection of available styles in this type of jewelry, include everything from simple and conservative in style to elaborate, stone studded and attention getting.

Sterling Silver Sea Life Anklet

Some sterling silver anklets come featuring charms as a part of their design, or have elaborate precious or semi precious stones as a part of the design. Sterling silver is commonly used to encapsulate birthstones, so it is sometimes possible to find a sterling silver anklet in a particular birthstone. Charms may be made as a permanent fixture of the bracelet or removable and interchangeable with other jewelry.

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Silver Beaded Jewelry – Top Gift Ideas

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If you are looking for the perfect gift for friends or loved ones, jewelry is always a safe bet. There are very few people who don’t appreciate jewelry of some kind, but the trick is to find a style that will blend in with the rest of your recipient’s personal style. Beaded jewelry is always at the top of the list in terms of jewelry design, because there is so much that designers can do with this type of material. When you are looking at gold or silver beaded jewelry, it is a good idea to first think about who you are purchasing this for.

Chico's Silver Beaded Jewelry

If someone’s birthday is coming up or you wish to purchase silver beaded jewelry for a holiday gift, for example, before you make any purchases, take some time to note what type of jewelry the recipient chooses on his or her own. If you find something that fits into this general style, there is a much higher likelihood that the gift will be not only appreciated, but also worn on a frequent basis. Note if they prefer to wear straight silver, or prefer their jewelry to include accents of other materials or gems.

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Shy Siren Jewelry and Accessories

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While most just advertise handmade jewelry, Shy Siren goes a step beyond. They have vintage style handmade jewelry but also a wide selection of accessories to choose from, including handbags, belts, key fobs and more in addition ot their selection of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Shy Siren Jewelry Set

Shy Siren originated from two architects who turned to their love of graphic design and wanted to try their hand at something new. The site describes how designers Anita Lin and Sara Schwittek think when they are making their pieces, which are often one of a kind pieces, and mentions that “great thought and deliberation of the materials, textures and colors, and the way light reflects or passes through each” of the pieces they make.

Sterling Silver Glass Necklace

They use a mixture of materials that might not always seem possible together, yet look perfect together, when creating their pieces. Sara’s twin sister Amy is the handbag designer and makes all original designs to sell on the site also.

Vintage Style Crystal Necklace by Shy Siren Jewelry

There is an astounding variety on this site, and for someone to close out the browser and not have found at least one thing interesting would be difficult to imagine. Shy Siren’s pieces are appealing to a wide audience base, to people of all ages, and are made in the broadest of terms—many colors, many shapes, many sizes, various materials. On top of the selection is affordability. Their prices are very reasonable!

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